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Are you eligible to have your record Expunged/Sealed?

September 28, 2016A criminal conviction on your record can prevent you from obtaining employment and be a barrier to living the American dream. Depending on the nature of the offense and whether you are a true 1st offender you may be eligible to have your record expunged/sealed. If all of the following six statements are true for your situation, you will be able to get ...

Rosita’s Weekend Run Down

September 22, 2016Hey there everyone!! Have you all be looking forward to the fall season to take full affect like I have? No worries, the season has officially begun this week which means that crisp, cool weather and the golden foliage that we love is right around the corner. To accompany these elements, the fun activities that this city is known for ...

Your “Mental Health” Matters

July 8, 2016 2+5 = 7 lives extinguished 2+5 = 7 families forever changed 2+5 = A Hurting Nation  Over the last few days we have seen disturbing images and reports of violence that have triggered high emotional levels in all of us.   Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the 5 officers who loss their ...

Day Parties for the Grown and Hungry

June 18, 2016It’s coming full circle, a new day party is in town solely focused on the foodies! Finally, a space where I can spread my wings and loosen my belt (lol). I can soak my heart and soul in hip hop and my tummy in delectables. Entrepreneurs like Nikki Steward with Five Brunch and Makia Kambon with Beats & Brunch are ...


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{HERE}, A high end music event featuring a DJ with a live Band mix.

HERE provides the ultimate experience.



Tomi Jones

Performing Live


{HERE} will be a filmed night out.

So come camera ready!

Make your night epic {HERE}


“Live Music Early/DJ Wrap-up Later”


DOORS OPEN at 9:00pm

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Birthday Celebration for Rep. Kevin L. Boyce


Who’s Who In Black Columbus

has extended the Submissions timeline


“The Fourteenth Edition”

NOW DUE BY October 7th, 2016


This is a great celebration of African-American Achievement!

Complete your submission today and share the word

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The Metropolitan Youth Foundation

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for the inaugural



November 5th, 2016

MYF-Live, Laugh & Run 5K - Flyer

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