Rosita’s Weekend Run Down

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Hey there everyone!! I hope your work week is going well and you’re keeping cool out here. Summer is heating up fast and each weekend will be even hotter as the city fills up with events that everyone can enjoy. This week is no exception so let’s get started and see what’s in store!Festival season continues with the annual ComFest … Read More

H.R. 521

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, Daniel Woodley

Should Congress vote to allow only one health insurance option to be exempt from the individual mandate tax penalty?   House Resolution 521, a bill that if passed, intends to provide an exemption to the individual mandate to maintain health coverage for individuals residing in counties with fewer than two health insurance issuers plans on an exchange was first introduced … Read More

And the 45th continues,

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, Daniel Woodley

Trump has said, time after time that he promises to eradicate the Johnson Amendment, both before and after his election. However, the executive order isn’t close to eradication. Due to the Johnson Amendment being a part of the tax code, only Congress can repeal it, or it could be struck down in court.   This bill would strip away the … Read More

Grow Professionally, Strengthen Family Ties, and Elevate Family Aptitude by Tasha Jefferson

Tasha JeffersonTasha Jefferson

Grow Professionally, Strengthen Family Ties, and Elevate Family Aptitude by Tasha Jefferson, MAFM, MBA, BSBA The notion that cultivating our careers and nurturing our families are mutually exclusive is a common one. I am convinced that does not have the case for us – if we chose differently. I recently proposed an idea at work; later I thought about how useful … Read More

19th Annual All-Star Saturday Basketball & Easter Egg Hunt

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Columbus, Ohio – The Metropolitan Youth Foundation of Central Ohio invites the Columbus community to attend the 19th Annual All-Star Saturday Basketball and Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15, 2017, beginning at 9:30 am at the Bruce Howard Recreation Center, 2505 North Cassady Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. This is a completely free event, filled with fun activities for the entire … Read More

Outliers by Tasha Jefferson

Tasha JeffersonTasha Jefferson

Outliers by Tasha M. Jefferson, MAFM, MBA Outliers require additional exploration to unearth their stories. More often than not we are placated to accept superficial analyses, and are content to forego deeper understandings of the interrelations between normalized results and their stand-out counterparts. However, sometimes an event’s absolute story can only be revealed, seen, understood, and explained through enhanced-quality analysis; … Read More


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Divorce is proof that women no longer stay stuck in unhappy marriages. Most divorces are initiated by women. (Roughly about 80%, to be exact). I provide coaching for single individuals around the country, as well as counseling for Couples. Over the last six months – I know personally over a dozen men who woke up one day, shocked with the … Read More

Politics behind National Pride Worldwide by William Washington

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, William Washington

All over the world, 2016 was the year of focusing on a domestic agenda. From a “silent majority” in America to a referendum in the United Kingdom. The reasons for this Nationalistic pull back from globalism is simple, minorities. In a poll published by The Economist magazine, it hypothesizes the rise in foreign born minorities of the world’s largest industrialized … Read More

Shiny Shadows and Shady Prisms by Tasha Jefferson

Tasha JeffersonTasha Jefferson

Shiny Shadows and Shady Prisms by Tasha M. Jefferson, MFAM, MBA Shiny shadows and shady prisms can help you rise to the top of your network, here’s how! A recent article by writer Frank Sorrentino suggests that we assume that our predictions are wrong even if evidence supports our rightness, that we approach likely outcomes as unlikely ones, and that … Read More