Are you eligible to have your record Expunged/Sealed? by Marcus A. Ross

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gavelA criminal conviction on your record can prevent you from obtaining employment and be a barrier to living the American dream. Depending on the nature of the offense and whether you are a true 1st offender you may be eligible to have your record expunged/sealed.

If all of the following six statements are true for your situation, you will be able to get an expungement.


(1) The conviction you are trying to expunge is NOT for one of the crimes or categories of crimes listed:


*Sexual Battery

*Corrupting a Minor

*Gross Sexual Imposition

*Sexual Imposition

*Obscenity involving a Minor


* Illegal Use of a Minor

* All driver’s license violations

* Motor Vehicle Violations

* Bail Forfeitures in traffic cases

* Misdemeanors of first degree or felonies where the victim is under the age of 18

* Felonies of the 1st or 2nd degree

*Offenses of violence that are misdemeanors of first degree or felonies (except the following offenses of violence can be expunged: convictions for riot and misdemeanor convictions for assault, inciting violence, and inducing panic)


(2) You were NOT subject to a mandatory prison term for the conviction you seek to expunge (in other words, you were eligible for probation for that conviction). Even if you were actually sentenced to prison time, as long as you were eligible for probation.


(3) This was your first and only conviction. You have never been convicted of the same crime or any other crime in this or any other state.


(4)   You were convicted of a misdemeanor and more than one year has passed since your “final discharge”, or you were convicted of a felony and more than three years have passed since your “final discharge”. Final discharge means completion of jail time and/or probation.


(5) You currently do not have any criminal or traffic proceedings pending against you.


(6) You have not had any other case expunged.


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