What should your next TV be? by Chris Lockhart

Chris LockhartBlog Series Vol. 2, Chris Lockhart

CES – The Consumer Electronic Show has just ended in Las Vegas. This annual “tech mecca” is a chance for the tech companies to show off their latest products or concepts still in the works. I will follow with a few articles about the emerging technology over the next couple of months.

For this article, let’s talk about TV’s. The mantra each year is bigger and thinner. Once again this year they did not disappoint. LG introduced what they call LG Wallpaper TV. This TV is only .02” inches thick. For reference, an average credit card is .03” inches thick.

LG pulls off some of this by separating the power and input connections into a sound bar the mounts below the TV. There is a thin connector that connects the two and powers the TV and transmits the signal. Because of the light weight of the display, there are many options for mountinglgwall that would not be possible with a heavier display. The rumored price is right around $8,000.


If that price is a little high, you can now buy a 55-inch TV for $279 from one of the big box stores. This set is a basic set without 4k capability, but at that price, who can complain.

Next time we will talk about the growing market in personal drones.