College Students should continue to have faith in the Political Process by Daniel Woodley

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Daniel Woodley Blog Post ImageWhat actions steps should college students who are the future leaders of America do to continue the work of the unforgettable 1960`s Civil Rights Movement. One way, is to continue voting and remain heavily engaged in the political process.

During the 1960`s, Civil Rights leaders were severely mistreated throughout their journey of attempting to achieve social justice. The entire movement of the Civil Rights from start to finish with the goal of ending segregation and discrimination in which they were beaten senseless, and some even murdered fighting for what they believed was right.

There were impeccable leaders such as Congressman John Lewis, who at the time of this ordeal was only 21 when he joined the movement. He would devote his life from there on to fight for social justice, and he too was beaten, but he did not let that keep him from losing faith in what he believed was and still is to this day social justice.

Congressman Lewis fought hard for our equal freedom, but there were others too! According to the history of America, Dr. Martin Luther King fought for us, Rosa Parks fought for us, Malcolm X fought for us and so many more inspiring individuals who were beaten, told no, and dealt with many other wrongful actions that transpired during that unforgettable journey to move forward.

So the question comes back to what can we do as College Students? Here is what we can do. We can start by remembering that we as millennials have access to voting and that is something that was not accessible back in the 1960`s. This is now a privilege for us, and it is something that we as millennials should not take for granted because this is our voice to the government. This is now and has been a right to us since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, and as long as this will continue to be our right. We as millennials need to express this right, not just during the Presidential elections, but also during mid-term elections, and judge’s elections.

Continuing to vote will cause two things:

  1. It will continue the legacy of those who fought long and hard for us to have this access, and right for our voices to be heard.
  2. it will continue to keep America from moving backwards, but instead, move forward.


Written by Daniel Woodley


About Daniel:

Daniel Woodley HeadshotDaniel W. Woodley is a native of Dayton, Ohio and currently a student at Columbus StateCommunity College where he is pursuing an Associate of Science degree. Daniel currently interns in the office of Councilwoman Jaiza Page. Daniel chose to attend Columbus State because of the affordable tuition and how diverse the campus is. Daniel is extremely passionate about his community, and devoting his life to public service.