I Want To Buy A Home Now What? by Danielle Alexander

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Are you tired of renting and ready to become a homeowner but not sure where to start? Here are 10 steps to take in the Home Buying Process to become a homeowner:

1. Talk to a mortgage lender to get Pre-Approved. You must first find out what you can afford.

2. Find a Realtor. You need an experienced, trusted adviser to help you navigate throughout the home buying process.

3. Identify what you are looking for. Price, location, size of home.

4. Begin your home search with your Realtor.

5. Tour homes.

6. Write contract offer and negotiate terms of the offer.

7. Conduct home inspection.

8. Your lender will order a home appraisal.

9. Complete Final Loan Approval.

10. Closing Day! Get the keys to your new home and Move-In.

Let Me Help You Through Every Step of this Process!

Welcome Home.

To Buy To Sell Call Danielle!


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