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Halle MalcombHalle Malcomb

I enjoy being a servant to my community, but I never thought to be this creative. Over the weekend, I experienced an amazing and well put together event by one of my friends. I was thoroughly impressed and touched by what was accomplished on the evening of Sunday, May 22, 2016.

I walked into an open space with a finished cement floor and large glass windows. The sun was shining bright with only a few dots of heathered clouds in the sky. A perfect day and venue for what was about to take place.

Arriving early, I found focused faces arranging food and preparing for what was to be an awesome celebration! Anxious for the event to begin I asked if any help was needed; I said hi to familiar faces and introduced myself to mutual friends. I totally didn’t know what to expect when I had planned to attend, but I certainly wished I told others.

Event flyer - Designed by Artist King Vada

Event flyer – Designed by Artist King Vada

Before too long, the space began to fill as people filed in. The man of the hour takes the stage and announces on the microphone the guiding purpose of the event. Those in his presence were there to support and celebrate Otis Sharp’s (aka DJ O Sharp) born day, who so graciously organized a party with a purpose. Food and toiletries* were given to people in need from the nearby shelter, Faith Mission. Heads bowed for prayer as the food was blessed in Arabic and English for our brothers and sisters of Muslim and Christian faiths. Those in need, friends and family lined up to receive the bounty of food before them. Willowbeez Soulveg, Good Stewards Catering, and First Watch served up healthy, tasty (very tasty 😉 ) options!

As we ate together, O Sharp’s brethren of DJs hit the wheels of steel. Each taking their turn to spin the night into a true party. First up was DJ Rich NYCe who got the mood just right – side note – if you haven’t checked out his #sundayfunnies you need to follow him on IG @Rich_NYCe_ (hilarious)! By the time DJ Layne Luv hit the ones and twos we were on the dance floor.

Some may have seen footage from my FB live feed (first time for everything – FB live novice). Behind my camera phone, I took a moment to step outside and chat with folks. I also took a moment to just watch and marvel at what a perfect day this was and how we were all just being ourselves, dancing and being joyful together as one.

Pictured "Gerald" - Photo Credit by Niel Jurist

Pictured “Gerald” – Photo Credit by Niel Jurist

The highlight of the evening was Gerald, a 69-year-old Vietnam veteran (almost the same age as my own father – also a Vietnam veteran). Earlier in the day I noticed he had on a pretty dapper tan suit with a white dress shirt – no tie. As the evening went on, Gerald must have slyly snuck away to change into his evening maroon corduroy velvet blazer. He was so ready as he took every opportunity to dance with all the lovely ladies he was surrounded with, myself included. Gerald, twirled me around as he proclaimed that he still had it! After 15 minutes of two-stepping and getting low with Gerald (don’t ask! lol) we hugged and parted as he proclaimed, “When you’re ready to go again, just let me know!”

Just writing up the memory of this day raises so many emotions to the surface. Plain and simple, I had fun! The party continued on into the night as I left before the sunset, but I left behind me laughter, joy, fellowship, and one mean Soul Train line!

And by the way, O Sharp wasn’t the only friend I knew who had decided to give to those in need on a birthday. Just a few days before I ran into David Swoope, an Ohio State student, who gave out hot dogs to homeless men and women on the street just days before.

All I have to say is wow! Moreover, thank you!

I’ve thoroughly been inspired to be more creative with what giving can look like and I hope you have been too.

Pictured in front "O Sharp"

Pictured in front “O Sharp”



Stay Woke my Friends,

Halle Bird



*Toiletries were so graciously donated by the Woman’s Life Chapter #813 of Columbus.

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