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As of late, I’ve moved in different directions that have already led me directly down the rabbit hole into a new adventure. I’ll tell you more details about that later, but I want to jump to the point that when there is a change, there are transitions.

One thing, negative or positive, large or small, affects another and then those changes have to be managed. For the past month, I’ve been getting things back in order along with all the usual day-to-day and social events that begin to spring up around this time of year.  Life is good (for me) because I celebrate the Lord and I am a person who operates on a “no worries” agenda.

I wish the world could operate as I do and have the advantages I have had, but that, of course, isn’t the case for everyone. There are other people placed or born into conditions that aren’t exactly ideal. For example, in 2014, the Open handsColumbus Dispatch reported at the time that over the course of three years, homelessness in Franklin County had grown by 14 percent among single men and women and 65 percent amongst families.* It should be hard to read statistics like this and do nothing. How can we support our own community? These are the people that live within our county, that some of us may pass by every day without knowing their circumstances. How can we reach out in the overall plan of trying to make a difference?

1) Know where to go: Listings of nearby shelters

Homeless Shelter Directory

Shelter Listings

Women’s Shelters


2) Learn how to give: These are just a few organizations that have a variety of options to give and support our community.

Volunteers of America 

The Open Shelter has themed days to help build motivation.

Help someone celebrate Easter


3) Do what works for you:

For myself, I’ve chosen to participate in Vineyard Columbus’ new Transition Ministry by donating to their efforts. They are providing free basic home goods for vulnerable people transitioning to housing: homeless families, those freed from human trafficking, men and women re-entering society after incarceration, resettled refugees and homeless veterans.

They are collecting bedroom, bath and kitchen items, and are partnering with local nonprofits and agencies to distribute these items to people in need.

If you’d like to be a part of this particular effort, please check out their website for details on what they specifically need to help fill the gaps for people in need.

Many of us ask, “What can I do?” Or make statements like, “I don’t have time.” I myself can’t get behind those statements. I can’t join in those excuses with you. I’ve served food to the homeless, sat down and ate right along with them (ah St. Aloysius of Cleveland that food was delicious)! I give bags and bags of clothes every year (another reason why I don’t understand hoarding). I’ve supported grassroots events like the Midnight Sandwich Run (check out awesome photos from this event here)! I’ve donated money to the YWCA and my church, Vineyard Columbus, whether it’s been $5 or $100.

I just want to provide you with a variety of ways to give. I want to GIVE you a call to action! If you are able, whether it is items, money or movement, just contribute.

Just GIVE.

Stay woke my friends,

Halle Bird

*Data used in the Dispatch report was received from the shelter board.

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