“LEAVE YOUR BAGGAGE BEHIND” by Dr. Charles Montgomery

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One of the things many of us think about during the 1st month of the year is how to successfully transition from the old to the new.   Because of this, we may find ourselves adopting or subscribing to catch phrases like: ‘ this is my year’ or ‘the best it yet to come.’

All of these motivational phrases (and many others) have their place. In fact, at this time of year we ought to set goals, dream, or even reignite our passion to achieve new heights or vistas that God has for us. This means that it is apropos to develop new habits and routines to help us actualize those goals, dreams, and heights we want to achieve.

Permit me to suggest that in order to achieve the heights that God has put in your heart that you may have to take inventory of some of the items that may be hindering you from doing so. I say this because everything, or in some cases everyone, that you’re used to having around you may not be able to go with you to the next level God has destined for you.


Or more succinctly: in order to take flight into your destiny, sometimes you have to leave your baggage behind.


Perhaps I can use an illustration to press my claim:

Consider for example a company by the name of Frontier Airlines. Frontier is an ultra-low cost aircraft carrier that is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Some of you may have seen recently how they had to deal with what became known (at least in the travel industry) as the Denver Debacle. It was called a debacle because dozens of planes were grounded because of a stronger than anticipated winter storm. Needless to say many of their passengers were unexpectedly delayed and displaced among various airports across the nation. It was unexpected because what caught people off guard was not the fact that they were grounded— but rather and instead how long they were grounded. In short, they were grounded for days!   To add insult to injury most were not given a voucher to eat. They were not even given accommodations to lay their head. Instead, they had to sit there and watch other folk from other airlines take off to their various destinations—while they remained there displaced and delayed.


After several days removed from what happened in Denver there was still evidence that a debacle had occurred – for not only were people displaced but ‘their baggage was displaced and misplaced as well.

And so littered throughout the airport was a ‘sea of luggage’

DENVER, CO - December 20: A Frontier Airlines employee, left, checks tags on rows and rows of unclaimed baggage at Denver International Airport December 20, 2016, still unclaimed as a result from last Friday's heavy snowstorm. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

DENVER, CO – December 20: A Frontier Airlines employee, left, checks tags on rows and rows of unclaimed baggage at Denver International Airport December 20, 2016, still unclaimed as a result from last Friday’s heavy snowstorm. (Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post)

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… so much so that even the passengers could not see which individual pieces of luggage belonged to each of them.


As fate would have it when Frontier finally announced that their flights and their planes were ready to take off —many passengers were faced with a choice:

Do I stay here among the baggage, or do I make a conscious decision to board my flight to reach my destination. In other words, in order to get to where they needed to go, it meant that they had to leave their baggage behind.
My friend, you may have never flown Frontier Airlines. But in 2017 there are some new frontiers God wants you to experience, new terrain He wants you to travel, and a new altitude that you’re destined to operate


But in order to get to where God wants you to go then you have to leave some baggage behind.


A ll of us have had to carry baggage from time to time. Some of us have carried the baggage of rejection, or a broken heart, or even the baggage of bereavement, loneliness, and financial strain—you name it —-all of us have had to carry baggage from time to time. But hear me—-there is a danger in having too much baggage. Because when you have too much baggage it’s difficult to manage going where God wants you to go, doing what God wants you to do, and being who God wants you to be.


One of the saddest things to see is someone who is called by God, but cannot walk in their purpose from God because they’re carrying around or even hanging around too much baggage. In fact, the danger of having too much baggage around you—is it can block you from the destiny God has for you.


In the next blog, I will unpack (pun intended) more specifically, reasons why we hold on to baggage and offer a few biblical truths and practical tips to help us to leave our baggage behind us behind us.


But for now, I ask you to reflect on this question:


What is the baggage I need to leave behind?


Because, believe it or not, knowing is half the battle. Feel free to begin the process of leaving your baggage behind by listing some of them below in the comments section.


I’d be honored to pray for you concerning them during my quiet meditation with the Lord.


Until the next installment—may the peace of God be with you—-and help you to take flight into 2017 even if that means you have to leave some baggage behind.


One Love,


Dr. CAMjr


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