Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail and What YOU Can Do to Succeed by Perry Jeffries

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New Year Resolution Fail


Happy New Year!!!!

It’s officially that time of year when people make their New Year’s Resolutions.

Below, you’ll discover why you, and millions of others, will never actually obtain your New Year’s Resolutions.

But Don’t be discouraged. I’m gonna also show you how to achieve those goals!

If you want different… you must DO different.

Many of those New Year’s resolutions are about improving your fitness/finances or health/wealth. Am I right? Are any of your 2017 goals the same goals you had on your 2016 List?

Who wouldn’t want to be healthier, feel better, and have more energy?

Who wouldn’t want to have their finances in order, not have to worry about money, and can enjoy time with friends and family without worrying about how you are going to pay the bills next month?

If these things are important to you, why are you still falling short in these areas? Let’s discuss.

So, let’s be brutally honest……….

“There’s obviously something about  your current lifestyle that is preventing you from reaching your goals.”

This issue may be, that you are hindering yourself. Let’s stretch your thinking for a moment…. start to 8 percent of resolutions failcompare your healthier/wealthier life to building your dream home. Try to approach becoming financially free and abundantly healthy as you would approach building your dream home from scratch. Wouldn’t you want to live in a place called abundant health and wealth? I would!

Sounds crazy, right? Just stick with me!

Well, when building your dream home, there are some essential steps that you must take to ensure that the home will last you a lifetime.

Step 1. Write down exactly what kind of home you want. Write your goals down on paper the exact same way. Make it full of details.

Step 2. Identify the contractors to help create a plan. Identifying the team who will develop the plans and actually build the house. Building that dream home is important, right?! You’ll want to bring the best professionals to the table. In building your dream home you will want the best contractors you can afford within your budget. Correct? The architect, floor installers, electrician, framers, etc.

Who should you add to your dream team to help you meet your health and wealth goals? Financial Advisor, coach, mentor, accountant, banker, nutritionist, personal trainer, etc.

Step 3. After the team is identified, it is time to take the most important step. It’s time for action. In building your dream house you must hire an engineer to make sure the land is prepared for the foundation to be laid. (Don’t move past this too quickly. Let this sink in.)

The foundation of the home is the most important piece in the building process, although it is the least glamorous. The foundation that your goals are built on is found in your Personal Development.

I have 30+ years of combined experience as a financial advisor and a personal trainer. I have come to the conclusion that what makes a great financial or exercise plan is not the mutual fund or exercise selection. What makes those plans ultimately work is the mindset and dedication of the client.

A quote from James Allen’s, “As A Man Thinketh,” states,

 “People are anxious to improve their circumstances, but they are unwilling to improve themselves. They therefore remain bound.”

If you were to ask somebody about their ideal home, they’d tell you all about the hardwood floors, the phenomenal bathroom, the spacious kitchen, the ceramic tile, marble countertops… but no one will ever mention the foundation.

Now, I know some of you believe in “Doing It Yourself.” I know you are saying, “I don’t need help from anyone” or even “I can’t afford to pay for help.” Well, I say that you cannot afford not to seek help!!!

So…. For you DIYers, let me ask you this: would you build your dream home relying solely on your own personal knowledge and experience? So why would you try to obtain your other goals without assistance?

This is not HDTV. This is your LIFE! We are not talking about rehabbing a rental property; we are talking about building your dream home or reaching your ultimate goals. Each of us are only given one single life to live and its our responsibility to make the best of it.

“No one person has ever achieved major success by working alone.”

To successfully build your dream home, you must leverage the expertise of other individuals. The same with reaching those goals.

This is where the magic happens. Do you see it now?!? Do you see how pursuing your New Year’s Resolutions is like building your Dream Home?building a home 4

Schedule a time to interview the professionals that you would like to add to your team. Ask for referrals, if you don’t know any experts. As with finding a contractor for your home, make sure that the professionals who you decide to work with have credentials and experience.

Share your goals with others who will hold you accountable.

Bottom line: If improving your health and wealth is important to you, then seek advice from an expert; not your friends, family and colleagues. Period.

Your foundation is your investment into your personal growth and development.

In turn, ensure that you are planting your growth seeds in fertile soil. Surround yourself with others who are Intentional about growth. Coaches. ChurchMastermind GroupsMentorsStudy Groups…to name a few.

mastermind group

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Try these steps this year…..

1.   Write Down your goals with as much detail as possible.

2.   Build a team of professionals who can assist you in reaching those goals.

3.   Most importantly, spend time building a strong foundation which will support you reaching and sustaining your goals for a lifetime.

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