H.R. 521

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, Daniel Woodley

H.R. 521 Flag ImageShould Congress vote to allow only one health insurance option to be exempt from the individual mandate tax penalty?


House Resolution 521, a bill that if passed, intends to provide an exemption to the individual mandate to maintain health coverage for individuals residing in counties with fewer than two health insurance issuers plans on an exchange was first introduced on Jan 13, 2017 and has been sponsored by Rep. Amodei (R-NV).

The House Resolution bill, if passed, will amend the Internal Revenue Code to exempt individuals from the requirement to maintain minimum essential health coverage. This would impact any individual residing in a county with fewer than two health insurance issuers offering qualified health plans on an exchange.


Rep. Amodei, sponsored this bill during Congress’ 114th Session, commenting “Despite [former President Obama’s] assurances, Obamacare has delivered nothing more than higher premiums and less choices – with millions of Americans having even fewer choices in 2017. In Nevada, Obamacare will soon be leaving residents in 10 counties with only one choice – choose what Washington says is right for them – or pay the penalty. By allowing people who reside in areas with less than two provider options to be exempt from the individual mandate, our bill provides much needed relief to those who have been left with no alternative. Congress must continue to look for real solutions that give Americans increased access to the care they deserve, and this is an example of Congress taking action.”


Written by Daniel Woodley


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