College Students should continue to have faith in the Political Process by Daniel Woodley

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What actions steps should college students who are the future leaders of America do to continue the work of the unforgettable 1960`s Civil Rights Movement. One way, is to continue voting and remain heavily engaged in the political process. During the 1960`s, Civil Rights leaders were severely mistreated throughout their journey of attempting to achieve social justice. The entire movement … Read More

Master Follow-Through Now by Tasha Jefferson

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Master Follow-Through Now By Tasha M. Jefferson, MAFM, MBA, BSBA We have just ushered in 2017!!!  It is common for new resolutions to accompany the starts of new years.  Are you planning any new resolutions?  Are any of your resolutions carry overs from previous years?  Let us explore how we can master our follow-through now and actualize our resolutions during … Read More


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When encountering law enforcement there are certain basic steps you should take to protect yourself against violations of your constitutional rights or police misconduct. The 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment and 6th Amendments are triggered when encountering law enforcement during a consensual or nonconsensual traffic or investigatory stop. This 10 step guideline will provide some basic do’s and don’ts which will … Read More

After November by William N. Washington

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Turnout in Franklin County dipped slightly from the 2012 presidential election where 71.06% of registered voters participated versus the 70.36% in the 2016 General election with franklin counties 1122 precincts reporting 593,435 citizens who cast a ballot. Excluding suburban local options, charter amendments, tax levies, and focusing on elected legislators, the 132nd general assembly from the 16th to 26th districts … Read More

AM I MY BROTHER’S KEEPER? by Shanikka Flinn

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“Am I my brother’s keeper?” is a proverb birthed out of the Biblical story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:6-9). The aphorism is even further referenced in several movies, such as New Jack City (1991) and Am I My Brother’s Keeper (2001). Although many people have heard of the cliché, have you ever pondered, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” and … Read More

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail and What YOU Can Do to Succeed by Perry Jeffries

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    Happy New Year!!!! It’s officially that time of year when people make their New Year’s Resolutions. Below, you’ll discover why you, and millions of others, will never actually obtain your New Year’s Resolutions. But Don’t be discouraged. I’m gonna also show you how to achieve those goals! If you want different… you must DO different. Many of those … Read More

What should your next TV be? by Chris Lockhart

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CES – The Consumer Electronic Show has just ended in Las Vegas. This annual “tech mecca” is a chance for the tech companies to show off their latest products or concepts still in the works. I will follow with a few articles about the emerging technology over the next couple of months. For this article, let’s talk about TV’s. The … Read More