Politics behind National Pride Worldwide by William Washington

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, William Washington

All over the world, 2016 was the year of focusing on a domestic agenda. From a “silent majority” in America to a referendum in the United Kingdom. The reasons for this Nationalistic pull back from globalism is simple, minorities. In a poll published by The Economist magazine, it hypothesizes the rise in foreign born minorities of the world’s largest industrialized nations has come to its tipping point in the view of the “majority” making up those nations. Minorities with the ability to garner substantial new found political power due to shifts in the population seems to be what inspired the nationalistic pride that came over the world.

This happening is an attempt to pull back from the forces of globalization and hedge the influence in domestic matters by “outsiders.” In America, the mood of national pride and closed borders was fueled by the archaic argument of a majority getting a bad deal. With evidence pointing to lost manufacturing jobs abroad and the amount of illegal alien crime. Both of which theories are wrong, oversimplify the problem and are often used out of context to cosign falsehoods.

Manufacturing has been in a race to the bottom referring to its business model of finding better and better labor costs and conditions for the employer eventually leading to automation. Globalization and advanced technology have facilitated this but let it be clear, manufacturing will not return to America’s shores in mass, ever. There have been reports that manufacturing is poised to come back to the United State because of the labor market cost abroad which are rising and so are shipping cost. To this “reshored” argument, I point out the changing business model of manufacturers coming back where the majority of the labor is automated.

To the alien crime debate this blogger simply asks people to check the facts themselves; less than 18% will commit a crime according to the PEW research center. The correlation that can be made with the nationalist movements is that they used race and religion to persuade difference, then a suggestion of closed borders to keep the power out of the hands of minorities of domestic and foreign origin.

– William Washington