Politics behind National Pride Worldwide by William Washington

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, William Washington

All over the world, 2016 was the year of focusing on a domestic agenda. From a “silent majority” in America to a referendum in the United Kingdom. The reasons for this Nationalistic pull back from globalism is simple, minorities. In a poll published by The Economist magazine, it hypothesizes the rise in foreign born minorities of the world’s largest industrialized … Read More

After November by William N. Washington

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 1, Blog Series Vol. 2, William Washington

Turnout in Franklin County dipped slightly from the 2012 presidential election where 71.06% of registered voters participated versus the 70.36% in the 2016 General election with franklin counties 1122 precincts reporting 593,435 citizens who cast a ballot. Excluding suburban local options, charter amendments, tax levies, and focusing on elected legislators, the 132nd general assembly from the 16th to 26th districts … Read More