Healthy Heart by Lori Lindsey – Your Wellness Navigator

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 2, Lori Lindsey

Remember the childhood song, ‘Beans, Beans, they’re good for the heart…’? If you remember the rest of the verse, I am laughing at you right now! LOL However, it’s true! Beans and other fiber-rich foods are good for the heart. Why? First, let’s step back and talk about women and heart disease. Heart Disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, is … Read More

LAWRENCE LIVE!: “This Light of Ours” Maltz Museum – Cleveland, Ohio

Lawrence LemonBlog Series Vol. 2, Lawrence Lemon

In this episode of Lawrence Live! I give my viewers an inside view of the private exhibition tour of  This Light of Ours: Activist Photographers of the Civil Rights Movement, a current exhibition at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Cleveland, Ohio, presented by Hue Enterprise and Word of Mouth.  The exhibit features more than 150 black-and-white images chronicling the Southern Freedom … Read More

Wellness Matters by Lori Lindsey

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 1, Blog Series Vol. 2

Hey,! My name is Lori A. Lindsey. I am a new Health and Wellness blogger and Your Wellness Navigator. I am not Your ‘Fitness’ Navigator because I know health status is not limited to diet and exercise. Wellness is so much more. It is truly every aspect of our life. Wellness includes how we think, feel, behave, believe, function … Read More

College Students should continue to have faith in the Political Process by Daniel Woodley

Columbus BlackBlog Series Vol. 1, Blog Series Vol. 2, Daniel Woodley

What actions steps should college students who are the future leaders of America do to continue the work of the unforgettable 1960`s Civil Rights Movement. One way, is to continue voting and remain heavily engaged in the political process. During the 1960`s, Civil Rights leaders were severely mistreated throughout their journey of attempting to achieve social justice. The entire movement … Read More