Are You a Giver?

Halle MalcombBlog Series Vol. 1, Halle Malcomb

I recall part of a sermon I heard recently where the pastor reaffirmed to the congregation some of the reasoning behind the action of attending church. One of the reasons that stood out to me was the notion that there may not be another place that can pull you away from your selfishness. There may not be another place that … Read More

To Hover Or Not?

Trent McMurrayBlog Series Vol. 1, Trent McMurray

So we all know that hoverboards have been the hot fad of 2015, but are they really worth it? Well, my personal opinion, I would not invest or waste the money on one. Being a gadget guy for sure who spends his hard earned money on a lot of gadgets, this would not be one worthy of my money. Yes, they are … Read More