12-Year-Old Earns Associate’s Degree From Florida State College, Jacksonville

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Middle schooler Cameron Robinson, 12, has achieved an extraordinary feat by graduating with an associate of arts degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ).

The young scholar enrolled in a dual enrollment program and embarked on his college journey at FSCJ when he was 7 years old. He was awarded his degree during FSCJ’s May 9 graduation ceremony.

Cameron balanced his middle school courses while completing his A.A.

“My friends are always like, ‘What? You’re graduating college?’ And they don’t believe me whenever I tell them. So it’s definitely a cool experience,” the tween told WTLV-TV. He noted that his professors treated him like any other student, and FSCJ aided him in developing interpersonal skills, which will prove invaluable as he pursues his future endeavors, like his bachelor’s degree.

“It’s definitely different when your son is seven and he’s starting college,” Cameron’s mother, Sandy Robinson, said. “…It’s been a journey that we’ve been working through over the last several years, and trying to make sure that he stays engaged.” His father, Dr. Greg Robinson, described the experience as interesting and unique, expressing gratitude towards FSCJ for creating a safe academic haven for their son.

FSCJ is home for so many different students, even 12-year-old Cameron Robinson. Cameron started with us when he was 7 years old & is now graduating this Thursday. Check out this video to learn more about his story, & watch him live on Channel 4 tomorrow around 8:30 a.m. pic.twitter.com/J9xmdexxVz

— FSCJ (@FSCJ_Official) May 7, 2024

When Cameron first joined FSCJ at age 7, he spoke to News4JAX about his passion for math and how he used the subject to calculate the speed of a soccer ball. His math professor observed that the young scholar’s presence might have inspired other students to strive for higher grades.

Cameron’s academic journey began early, with his father teaching him algebra around age 5. During the enrollment process, Cameron demonstrated his math prowess to gain admission to FSCJ. His parents never worried about him being among older students, as Cameron had always been ahead academically.

“He seems to fit right in with his buddies,” Sandy remarked, adding that her son plays basketball and socializes with neighborhood friends.

With a keen interest in math, especially calculus, Cameron’s next step is to attend the University of North Florida, with aspirations of studying engineering at MIT, with a specific interest in nanotechnology.

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