Atlanta VA Police Chief Recorded Saying She Wants No Minority Female Hires

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A police chief at Atlanta VA Medical Center allegedly stated in front of her staff that she did not want to hire Black or Hispanic female officers due to their attitude.

The now-suspended Chief Beverly Banks made the discriminatory statement during a staff meeting in September 2023, revealed in an audio recording obtained by Fox 5. Banks, a Black woman herself, took on the role in 2022.

 “I am to the point… I don’t want to hire Black women no more,” Banks said at the meeting. “I’m to that point. I ain’t got no white women beating down my door to come in and work. But I wish they would. Cause I don’t have these problems.”

Banks continued, letting the command staff in the room know this sentiment also applied to other groups, such as Hispanic women.

“I don’t have no Hispanic women. Hell, I don’t want them neither. Cause you know what comes with it? A whole of lot of f—–g attitude. And I don’t want it. I’m the only one with an attitude in this place. Me,” expressed the then-chief.

The news outlet confirmed the authenticity of the recording and sent the clip to the Veterans Administration for comment. Upon hearing the audio, the VA emphasized that there is “no place for racism and discrimination” at its organization and deemed Banks’ comments “unacceptable.”

Banks’ behavior, however, is not an isolated incident within the VA center. While she was suspended without pay in May, two additional commanders received the same consequence for “unacceptable behavior” that included sexual assault allegations and harassment.

One of the officers, Deputy Chief Johnnie McCullor, has allegations from two years ago. Despite being accused and investigated for sexual harassment, McCullor stayed in his role. His alleged victim, fellow officer Shaneka Jackson, lost her position despite VA investigators considering her to be “truthful.” McCullor continued to work under Banks until May.

In light of the suspensions, Georgia lawmakers are now inquiring about the full internal investigations within the Atlanta VA Medical Center Police Department.

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