Wellness Matters by Lori Lindsey

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My name is Lori A. Lindsey. I am a new Health and Wellness blogger and Your Wellness Navigator. I am not Your ‘Fitness’ Navigator because I know health status is not limited to diet and exercise. Wellness is so much more. It is truly every aspect of our life. Wellness includes how we think, feel, behave, believe, function and respond to life’s challenges. The concept of Wellness started with the work of Dr. Halbert L. Dunn in the 1960’s and it has evolved in so many ways over the years. It has many descriptions including, ‘a concept that includes taking responsibility for your own health, creating a full and balanced lifestyle and being the best person you can be.’ Think of wellness as connected, continuous and a choice.

Wellness Wheel

Each dimension is vital to wellness. We must work to create and maintain balance in each area. When we don’t maintain a balanced wheel, like a tire, we can get a flat or develop a bulge. In both cases, the results can create a slow, no-go or very bumpy ride.

Let’s take a closer look. This is a Wellness Wheel. It reflects 8 dimensions of wellness: Physical, Financial, Occupational, Emotional, Environmental, Spiritual, Intellectual and Social.


How does it work? Take the example of weight management issues as a result of eating when you are bored. When we consider the 8 dimensions of wellness, this behavior affects two dimensions: Physical and Intellectual. The Physical dimension is how we take care of our bodies to support strength, vitality, and energy. This includes diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, etc. The Intellectual dimension is the need to expand our minds by acquiring new skills, learning from various experiences, critical thinking, etc. We can view this scenario as a deficiency in the Intellectual dimension (a flat) or an influx in the Physical dimension (a bulge, literally and figuratively).


Instead of trying to eat 2 cookies vs. the entire box when boredom sets in, turn your attention to the real issue. You are bored, not hungry! As the weight increases, we take action to change our eating habits. We try to make better food choices to lose weight. However, this is only part of the issue. Our effort to eat baby carrots instead of cookies focuses on what we are eating. When we redirect our attention to why we are eating, we can make a decision to engage in activities that are intellectually stimulating: reading, taking up a new hobby, artistic expression, exploring new cultures, listening to different music, etc. Thus, we are not gaining unwanted pounds.


The majority of life’s challenges can be found in one or more dimensions of wellness. If we think of wellness as being connected, continuous, and a choice, we can see how an imbalance can impact our life. More importantly, if there is an issue or problem that we are dealing with, we may need to shift our focus and determine the real issue at hand.


Our decisions and actions determine our ‘ride’. Is your wellness journey riddled with flat tires and bulges? The choice is yours.


Choose Wellness!