Rosita’s Weekend Rundown

Greetings everyone!! March is flying by but the fun keeps coming. This weekend will offer a few events to catch some fun and I have all the details about them you’ll need. Let’s see what’s in store and get started! We often mention a few skating events throughout the year, but if you’re like me, […]

Gettin’ 2 The Bag

Gettin’ 2 The Bag returns with Fashion Engineer and Designer on Season 2 of HBO Max’s hit show “The Hype”, Cierra Boyd! 🔥 We’ll catch up with Cierra on everything from NY Fashion Week 2022, collaborating with R&B Artists, Ciara, filming season 2 of The Hype, and MORE! This is an episode you don’t want […]

COLUMBUSBLACK ON BLAST Feat. Gary Jones of Jones Select w/host Kevin Lloyd

Check out this episode of COLUMBUSBLACK ON BLAST with Host Kevin Lloyd, featuring Gary Jones of Jones Select. If you are entrepreneur, small business owner or someone who loves Fashion, Business and some Inspirational Real-Talk, this episode of COLUMBUSBLACK ON BLAST is A MUST WATCH!!! If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and starting your […]