Jill Scott Mural Unveiled At Her Philly High School Is ‘Surreal’

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Jill Scott was in her hometown of Philadelphia, ahead of headlining the Roots Picnic over the weekend to see a new mural unveiled in her honor.

The “Golden” singer returned to her high school on Thursday, May 30, to see a new mural that features her image, Philly Tribute reports. Made in honor of Girls High School’s 175th anniversary, the mural celebrates the historic high school by paying tribute to its graduates.

The 900-square-foot mural shows Scott alongside faceless girls in various poses that aim to symbolize power, strength, and community. Standing in front of a mustard yellow backdrop, the girls all have halos around their heads with a crown on top. Scott is seen smiling at the viewer in a bright red dress, with words in Latin coming from her mouth that read the school’s motto: “Vincit qui se vincit,” meaning “she conquers who conquers herself.”

“It’s surreal, is what it is,” Scott said of visiting her alma mater.

“I definitely remember and had a flood of emotions from the smells walking down the hallway. I just had to touch the lockers. I had to touch the pink marble. I remember myself here very, very well.”

Designed by artist Patrick Dougher and in partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia and the School District of Philadelphia, a few select students participated in a “paint day” session. They painted the giant artwork following its reveal. Students took to the school library to paint on the crowns and pen positive notes or intentions on the back of the mural to signify a continuation of the school’s spirit.

The mural will be located on Broad Street, facing the side of the school’s building, and will be unveiled to the public in July.

“I never imagined that I would be on the side of the Philadelphia High School for Girls,” Scott said.

“It was such a coup to even come to this school. I thought I could be talented, but I don’t want to be dumb and talented, you know, I didn’t want to be misused and talented.”

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