‘Nah!’ Sha’Carri Richardson Breaks All The Rules In Debut Sprite Commercial

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Sha’Carri Richardson stayed true to her defiant persona in her debut Sprite commercial as part of their reimagined “Obey Your Thirst” campaign.

The world’s fastest woman is making history as Sprite’s first female partner and is one of two professional athletes helping the beverage company reignite its iconic “Obey Your Thirst” campaign 30 years after its inception. Richardson’s 30-second spot sees the American track and field star saying “Nah” to all the outside opinions and pressures being placed upon her.

“What Sha’Carri needs to do is obey the rules,” a sports commentator says on television.

“Nah,” Richardson says in response.

“Obey the image,” a photographer tells her during a photoshoot.

“Nah,” Richardson tells him.

While at the dinner table with her mother and grandmother, Richardson is told to “Obey your Big Mama,” by her grandmother, “and your mama,” her mom says.

“Nah,” Richardson says before laughing and telling the matriarchs she’s just joking.

Along with Richardson, Sprite released another “Obey Your Thirst” ad with Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards, who recreated a 1994 ad with a cameo from its original star, NBA legend Grant Hill.

Given Richardson and Edwards’ bona fide ways of expressing their self-assurance and unwavering originality, both athletes were perfectly aligned with representing Sprite’s message of authenticity to a new generation of sports fans.

“Anthony and Sha’Carri are true cultural creators who embody what it means to Obey Your Thirst and to follow your dreams with determination, making them the perfect partners to pay off the campaign mantra to always aspire to be your best and reach your full potential,” A.P. Chaney, Senior Creative Director, Sparkling Flavors said. “Both spots are really fun, with plenty of comedic value conveyed in the Sprite voice.”

Richardson has continued to rise to the occasion despite the criticism and adversity that’s come her way. Her dedicated drive for greatness and self-expression has proven marketable for major brands like Sprite and Nike as she seamlessly incorporates elements of hip-hop culture, sports, entertainment, and fashion.

“The ‘be true to you’ spirit of Obey Your Thirst resonated with consumers in 1994, and we’re confident it will resonate in 2024,” Brian Rogers, Senior Brand Director, Sprite said.

“Because now more than ever, younger generations are bombarded with messages from about who they should be and how they should behave. Sprite is the antidote to today’s intense cultural heat—expectations, pressures, opinions, advice and noise—as a brand that empowers fans to challenge the status quo and embody their authentic selves.”

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