Nicki Minaj Threatens To Fire Her DJ For Signing Fan’s Chest

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Just because Nicki Minaj rapped about signing her fan’s “boobs” doesn’t mean she’s okay with her DJ following suit.

The superstar rapper took to Twitter on Sunday, May 26, to respond to a photo showing her longtime DJ, DJ Boof, signing a fan’s breasts. While the X-rated autograph was at the fan’s request, Minaj still wanted the Barbz to know that she was not in support of her DJ’s actions.

“I promise I’ll fire him if I EVAHHHHH see this again. Df,” she wrote in response to the photo.

I promise I’ll fire him if I EVAHHHHH see this again. Df

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) May 26, 2024

A Minaj fan page reposted the photo DJ Boof shared on his Instagram Story showing him signing a fan’s breasts during one of Minaj’s recent European tour stops.

“I’m really famous. They asked me to sign their boobs,” Boof captioned the post.

Nicki Minaj’s boob autographs have been a signature for the “Everybody” rapper since the release of her 2009 mixtape debut Beam Me Up Scotty. It was on the track “Itty Bitty Piggy” when the Queens native rapped the line “You know I keep a bad bi*ch, let me sign your boobs.”

DJ Boof has been working with Minaj for over a decade, but Minaj made sure he and everyone else knew she would not to condone the behavior.

Last year, DJ Boof opened up about how seriously Minaj takes her live shows and how motherhood has changed her touring style.

“She always moved with a purpose, but now there’s another purpose with her being a mom,” he told Revolt. “With her preparation, she has to make sure of what her child is doing at that time. That comes first before anything.”

Boof went on to elaborate on how much of a “perfectionist” Minaj is about her performances.

“Everything has to be done just right. She never lets up. Artists now perform over their MP3 tracks, and Nicki really rhymes over TV tracks and remembers every word. She takes it very seriously,” he explained. “We might rehearse it 50, 60, or 100 times, and it feels like something else was added in there that we didn’t expect, but it always comes out great. We both pray a lot. The show’s only been getting better and better.”

With how seriously Minaj takes her live shows, she’s not willing to let her DJ impact the success of her tour by crossing the line with one of her fans. She just got released from jail following a brief arrest for drug possession in the Netherlands. The last thing she needs is her DJ catching a charge.

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